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>>>>>>>top 10 albums of the decade<<<<<<<

lawrence / the absence of blight / dial - 2003

pantha du prince / diamond daze / dial - 2004

fennesz / endless summer / mego - 2001

uusitalo / vapaa muurari live / force inc. - 2000

vladislav delay / multila / chain reaction - 2000

luomo / vocalcity / force tracks - 2000

ellen allien / berlinette / bpitch - 2003

alex smoke / paradolia / soma - 2006

anders ilar / sworn / level rec - 2008

helios / eingya / type - 2006


>>>>>>>best of 2009<<<<<<<

martin schulte / depth of soul / lantern

My new favourite artist discovery this year is Russian producer, Marat Shibaev aka Martin Schulte. Twenty-one year old, Martin Schulte successfully delivers delicious dub-inspired techno intertwined with floating ambient textures and atmospheric field recordings.

pablo bolivar / recall / regular

Spanish producer, Pablo Bolivar develops clinical sequences into divine warm melodies and stunning techno grooves.

ametsub / the nothings of the north / progressive form

25 year old Tokyo-based musician Ametsub delivers satisfying glitchy IDM melodies.

lusine / a certain distance / ghostly

Seattle based, Lusine aka Jeff McIlwain combines sophisticated pop structures with warm melodic IDM melodies.

jonathan johansson / en hand i himlen / hybris

Jonathan Johansson creates infectious nostalgic Swedish synth-pop. I've become that annoying sixteen year-old high school girl that plays her favourite pop song over and over again.

quantec / cauldron subsidence / echocord

Quantec aka Sven Schienhammer, delivers his second full length release with outstanding deep pulsating dub ambiance.

fluxion / constant limber / resopal schallware

Fluxion combines deep delicious dub sounds over driven 4/4 beats.

pendle coven / self assessment / modern love

Pendle Coven, known for being half of MLZ, presents his first full-length debut. Well produced dub techno with some straightforward dubstep, broken beat and shimmering ambiance.

pleq / the metamorphosis / u-cover

Pleq constructs well-crafted glitchy ambiance, full of delicate shifting micro sounds, percussion clicks and orchestral sentiments.

brock van wey (aka bvdub) / white clouds drift on and on / echospace

Brock Van Wey produces beautiful sentimental ambient music and is the first Echospace outsider to be accepted on the label.

black to comm / alphabet 1968 / type

Beautiful drone ambient album full of haunting loops, distant lullabies and psychedelic classical structures.

lowfish / frozen and broken / noise factory

Gregory de Rocher aka Lowfish produces quality grooving analogue synth-electro/techno full of catchy melodies.

├│lafur arnalds / found songs / erased tapes

Minimalist Icelandic composer, Ólafur Arnalds brilliantly managed to produce this sentimental classical album in seven days.

rone / spanish breakfast / infine

French producer, Rone aka Erwan Castex, delivers a driving tech-house album full of cinematic overtones.

port-royal / dying in time / n5md

Port-Royal deliver their original, emotionally elevated shoegaze ambience while incorporating distortions of techno and synth pop.

redshape / the dance paradox / delsin

Redshape produces driven acid basslines with futuristic analogue warmth.

dj sprinkles / midtown 120 blues / mule

Terre Thaemlitz aka Dj Sprinkles delivers a solid deep house album with a pinch of melancholy.

louderbach / autumn / m_nus

Troy Pierce and Gibby Miller combines Miller's vocals with Pierce's dark minimal techno productions for clinical driven basslines and robotic introspective sounding love songs.

yagya / rigning / sending orbs

Icelandic producer, Yagya aka Aalsteinn Gumundsson, delivers his third full-length release of hypnotizing melancholy ambient beats.

marconi union / tokyo / bine

Minimalist ambient soundscapes with micro-beats and glitchy percussion.


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